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I was introduced by a sister.

I am enrolled in Arabic and Quranic studies.

I was excited to have the opportunity to start learning the Quran, and Arabic.

My teacher is very eloquent and patient. She teaches you very well. My teacher is very clear when she speaks English and she makes sure that you understand what she is teaching you. I really enjoy having her as a teacher.

I have great progress and understanding of some Arabic principles and have learned a lot of Surahs that I can recite in my salah especially.

I can also write some words in Arabic. I can join letters when I write and I also know what to connect and what not to connect. I am getting a great understanding of reading and writing Arabic.

I will recommend Sunnaalive to any person willing to learn the Quran and Arabic and even have more understanding of Islam (our deen)

Alhamdulil lah hi Rabil aalamin

Asalamu alaiyekum
warahh ma toul lahi Wabarakatouh

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