Student Review

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Asalamualeykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

I got in contact with sunnaalive institute through a close family member, I have been learning to read the Quran in Arabic and how to memorize it I have an amazing and very patient teacher, and after my first session, I felt safe enough to learn with my teacher.

My daughter got enrolled as well and now she’s been learning Arabic, in a short period she learned how to memorize the Quran and the rulings of reading it. Her teacher is very kind and patient.

Every week we receive a recording of every session and an extra Audio rec that helps her to study throughout the week and to revise her homework. The payments are reasonable.
The admins are very helpful and always reply fast to questions/messages.

I’d recommend Sunnaalive to everyone who’s interested in learning how to read the Quran or need Islamic teachings, in general, all your needs will be met this institute is well organized and the teachers are great and well trained.


July 19, 2022 Reply

Mashaa Allah.i am very happy to study with sunnaalive