Group Session – Qur’an & Tajweed 101: reading only

posted in : Group Session May 29, 2022
Group Session – Qur’an & Tajweed 101: reading only

This course is to study rules of recitation of the Quran in the way it was revealed to Prophet (saw).

Course purpose:

  1.  To show interest and reverence in the words of Allah.
  2. To Apply Allah’s order of reading Quran according to the rules attached to its revelation. Allah says: (and chant the Qur’an in measure) {73:4}.
  3. To avoid reading Quran in exaggeration or deficiency.
  4. To help the student in reading, memorising and understanding Quran.
  5. To train the students to apply rules through all verses of the Quran in a sequenced way makes the students have great experience in applying rules

Course Overview

   Teaching online has become a widespread method all over the world and in order to cut its fruit in the field of Quran and Tajweed we will depend on practice basically. In Quran the student will repeat after the teacher step by step until he reaches the accurate reading then the teacher will listen from him to make sure that the student achieved the aim.

In Tajweed we will do three steps; firstly: the teacher will explain the rule theoretically, secondly: the teacher will give examples from Suras the student read or finished, thirdly: the student will summarise and give examples showing how to apply the rule. The homework, short test and competition between the groups all over the course will be present to encourage both student and teacher


Price 49.90 EURO

This course includes:
  • 4/8 HRs Monthly
  • Lessons : 10
  • 4/8 HRs Monthly

Course Features

  • Lectures 10