Group Session: Qur’an & Tajweed 101: Reading only (Brothers)

posted in : Group Session May 29, 2022
Group Session: Qur’an & Tajweed 101: Reading only (Brothers)


Group Session: Qur’an & Tajweed 101 Reading only (Brothers)

Note: There is much to cover on all these topics.

Summary of the course objective. 


This course will help the students be proficient in reciting the Qur’an, observing the correct pronunciation of every letter with  Tajweed rules and characteristics of the letters which apply to it, without any exaggeration or deficiency. This course will enable students to have a great experience in applying the rules of Tajweed in their recitation of the Qur’an after finishing the course.

Our courses are:

LIVE on Zoom.

This course is a group session with a minimum of 5 students.
This session will be for 2.30 minutes.
Students will have LIVE interactions with their teacher and fellow students during the session.

Requirements to attend classes:

Headset to be able to communicate with the teacher directly without background noise.

Price 49.90 EURO

This course includes:
  • 4/8 HRs Monthly
  • Lessons : 10
  • 4/8 HRs Monthly

Course Features

  • Lectures 10