Group Session: Conversational Arabic 302 (for Brothers)

posted in : Arabic June 7, 2022
Group Session: Conversational Arabic 302 (for Brothers)

Group Session: Conversational Arabic 302 (Brothers)

Conversational Arabic reading & writing.


Note: There is much to cover in this course.

This course is designed for those who can read Arabic and have already finished books 1 and 2 of Al-Arabia Bin Yadik. Students will study many rules of the  Qur’an and Hadeeth and many grammar rules and memorize Arabic vocabulary as much as possible which will enable them to read the Qur’an and Hadeeth in the Arabic text with understanding.


Our courses are:

LIVE on Zoom.

This course is a group session with a minimum of 5 students.

Note: This session will be for 2.30 minutes.
Students will have LIVE interactions with their teacher and fellow students during the session.

Requirements to attend classes:

Headset to be able to communicate with the teacher directly without background noise.


Price 159.90 EURO

This course includes:
  • 4/8 HRs Monthly
  • Lessons : 9
  • 4/8 HRs Monthly

Course Features

  • Lectures 9