Group Session: Part (1) 40 Hadeeth of Imaam An Nawawi (brothers)

posted in : Group Session December 11, 2021
Group Session: Part (1) 40 Hadeeth of Imaam An Nawawi (brothers)

Hadeeth (Part 1) 40 Hadeeth of Imaam An Nawawi for Brothers.

In this course, the students will study from one of the most authentic books on this subject.

Note: There is much to cover on all these topics.

Summary of the course objective.

In this course, students will study the importance of hadeeth as a second source of legislation.
A detailed explanation will be given of Quranic verses through Hadeeth and they will memorize the Hadeeth in the Arabic language with its translation in English with the help of their Usthaz/Usthadhaa. Students will study the authentication degree of the Hadeeth, a summary about the narrator, to extract all Fiqh judgments, coman, prohibitions,  and rulings and to extract benefits from Hadeeth that they can apply in their daily life.

Our courses are:

LIVE on Zoom.

This course is a group session with a minimum of 5 students.
This session will be for 2.30 minutes.
Students will have LIVE interactions with their teacher and fellow students during the session.

Requirements to attend classes:

Headset to be able to communicate with the teacher directly without background noise.

Price 64.90 EURO

This course includes:
  • 4/8 HRs Monthly
  • Lessons : 12
  • 4/8 HRs Monthly

Course Features

  • Lectures 12