One to One Session: Daily Athkaar (for brothers)

posted in : Daily athkaar March 17, 2022
One to One Session: Daily Athkaar (for brothers)

Remembrance (Supplication) of Allah ( for Brothers)


Note: There is much to cover on all these topics.

Summary of the course objective.


In this course, the students will study the Athkar (Dhikr) from one of the most authentic Books of Dhikr and Supplication in Accordance with the Qur’an and the Sunnah / written by A I-Badr, Abdul-Razzaq ibn Abdul-Muhsin translated by: Dr. Waleed Bleyhesh Al-Amri – AI -Madinah Munawarah. All Dhikr will be explained thoroughly with their authentic Hadeeth chains of narration. This will help the students implant the remembrance of Allah in their life. Students will be asked to memorize the Athkar (Dhikr) after every session with their Usthaaz/Usthadhaa who will explain to them the benefits and how to implement them in their daily lives.

Qur’anic ayah:

( Allah ) will remember the servant who
mentions Him. He ) says: “Remember Me and
I shall remember you, and be grateful to Me, and
never deny Me” .

It is reported that he ( S ) said: ‘The example
of that who mentions Allah and that who
does not is that of the living and the dead. alBukbiiri (no. 6044) and Muslim (no. 779).



Our courses are:


LIVE on Zoom.

Students will have LIVE interactions with their teacher and fellow students during the session.


Requirements to attend classes:

Headset to be able to communicate with the teacher directly without background noise.

Price 69,90 EURO

This course includes:
  • 4/8 HRs Monthly
  • Lessons : 13
  • 4/8 HRs Monthly

Course Features

  • Lectures 13